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Snare Traps Near Laramie

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From Wyoming Missing Pets

“Laramie dog owners: I just heard from a woman who was walking her labs out on the prairie land east of the golf course/north of Staples – her dog was caught in a snare trap out there last Tuesday!!

The dog is fine, she was able to remove the snare from his foot. She contacted Game and Fish, and a warden came out and looked at the area with her. They didn’t find any more traps, but the warden said that where there is one there are likely more.

The trap was just a few feet off the red road that runs along the top of the sandstone ridge in the western part of the area, where the telephone poles are. The trap was baited with scent. This dog was lucky the snare only caught his foot, and his owner was nearby and heard him…yikes.

Watch out for your dogs, friends, and carry heavy-duty wire cutters just in case!!!”

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