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Dog Trapping Incident: Dog Caught in Leghold Trap

WYOMING TRAPPING ALERT: Grey’s River Road 12 miles out of Alpine.
Pet Dog “Geordie” was caught in a leghold trap. Luckily, “Geordie’s” owner was able to release his pet without any major injuries.

“On November 18, Linda, the dogs and I were about 12 miles out of Alpine up Grey’s River Road going for a walk. We hiked up a side road on Murphy Creek, and Geordie stepped on a leg-hold trap. It only caught two of his toes on his left foot, but he was immobilized and frightened.
I released the tension on the trap, and he had no broken skin or any apparent injury. The trap was set about 50 feet off the side road we walked up and had no markings that it was there.
Thanks for your concern and for your compassion for animals.” Ron and Linda Adams

The number of traps on our public lands increases tremendously this time of year during the furbearer harvest season. Anywhere there is wildlife, there are probably traps. And anywhere you can walk your dog, there could be traps directly on trails.
Please know what to do if your dog is caught.

To download our “How to Release Your Pet From a Trap”
brochure to your smartphone:…/uploads/…/02/UntrapYourPet.pdf.

Watch our video to learn more about releasing your pet from a trap:…/how-to-release-your-pet-from-a-trap/

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