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Panthera’s Small Cat Program

GOOD NEWS for small cats! Panthera is launching it’s new Small Cats Program…. and bobcats are on the priority species list.

“The big cats have captured our imaginations for centuries. They stand as iconic symbols of power and courage, and few living mammals have been so deeply woven into culture, religion, and folklore. Yet, big cats represent only a small part of the cat family. There are 40 recognized species of wild cats in the world, and while most people could name the 7 big cats, only few could name the 33 smaller ones. With the official launch of Panthera’s new Small Cats Program, we will seek to expand our understanding of these increasingly threatened species and how to protect them. By bringing small cats to your attention, we hope to increase your understanding of their critical place in the world’s ecosystems and encourage you to become experts and enthusiasts along with us. Let’s get started!”

Read full article:…/28/pantheras-small-cats-program

Photo: Wyoming bobcat by local wildlife and nature photographer Bill Sincavage. Thank you Bill!

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