Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Female Bobcat caught in trap


This Wyoming female bobcat was caught in a leghold trap in freezing temps. As a result, her paw was frozen below the trap jaws, which means she is “unreleasable”, unable to hunt and feed herself and provide for her kittens. She might not be able to survive. In this case, the trapper “harvested” her, leaving her kittens behind. He referred to the term “wring-off” which describes an animal that has chewed its frozen foot to escape. The bobcat is then referred to as a “bob-leg”. This treatment is legal in Wyoming!

This is a key example of Wyoming wildlife “management”, or lack of. Unlimited quotas, 3 days to 1-week trap checks causing extreme pain and suffering. Females and juveniles are legal takes. No animal deserves this.
The persecution of these beautiful wild bobcats never stops.

**Photo reproduced under fair use for educational purposes.

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