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Fundraising In Our Community – Old Bill’s Fun Run 2015

Wyoming Untrapped is fortunate to be based in a community that embraces its people, pets and wildlife. Old Bill’s Fun Run is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to kick-start our non-profit organizations for the year ahead as all of us volunteer our time and effort to improve our environment for all who call Wyoming home.

WU distributed over 150 of our new “Trap Safety for Pet Owners” brochures, and several caps that found homes in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Massachusetts, and China. We demonstrated how to release traps, answered endless questions about trapping in Wyoming, and gained several new supporters.

THANK YOU MR. OLD BILL, Co-Challengers, Friends of the Match, and the Jackson Hole Community Foundation!
And to our many WU supporters!
We have big challenges ahead, and with your help, we all win!

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