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Montana Wolf Trapping Season Begins December 15

MONTANA — Wolf trapping season begins on December 15 in Montana, putting dog owners and their pets in increased danger to falling victim to traps. Wolf traps are larger and more dangerous, therefore posing a greater threat to pets.

There are a few areas in Montana where traps have been restricted and dog walkers can safely recreate with their pets, although they are very few and don’t offer much safety.  In Wyoming, there are no trap-free areas where dogs owners can safely go with their pets with a reasonable expectation of safety. There are not even setbacks from trails. Your dog can be caught directly on a trail, even on a leash. We are fighting to change this so that our public lands can be enjoyed by all.

To read our Trap Safety for Pet Owners Brochure:…/upl…/2016/02/UntrapYourPet.pdf

To view our video, How to Release Your Pet From a Trap:

Full News Story from Fox Montana.

Photo from Fox Montana

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