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Mourning Dog Owner Targets Coyotes for Payback

Human-coyote warfare is underway in the John Dodge neighborhood following a fatal attack on a miniature schnauzer last week.

“I will shoot every coyote that steps on our property.”
— Darrell Martin


Darrell Martin didn’t wait long to seek revenge after his mini schnauzers Bailey and Jack were victims of a coyote attack.

In the days that followed last week’s canine scuffle, which left one of his dogs dead, Martin waited within view of a path where he’d seen coyotes travel during nights on the way to the Snake River. A .223 rifle was in his hand. Its discharge in short order ended the lives of two of the wild dogs.

“There’s many, many more than that,” Martin said Monday.

The man’s anger with the coyote family that roams the John Dodge neighborhood where he’s a caretaker was palpable. He bought the .223 solely for the purpose of eliminating them. A self-described animal lover who doesn’t hunt, Martin now has his eye on a big male that’s he’s seen on several occasions.

“He has a number on him,” Martin said. “Number one on my list. He’s the breeder.”

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By Mike Koshmrl, JHNG.

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  • Mary

    I never thought I would say this, but after seeing all the sorrow coyotes have brought to families and their pets, I would shoot any that live in cities or have killed a family pet gladly. (If I knew how to shoot a gun that is) There are now too many of them and with no one keeping their total down, they seem to be taking over. California is becoming overrun with them, and they are killing pets in their own fenced back yards. That is unacceptable, and something should be done about it.

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