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Blondie and the Song Dog

Blondie and the Song Dog. When I was a kid, I used to dream about someday being able to witness wild events like this but I never dreamed that I would have the opportunity to do so. I thought that scenes like this were the province of Wild Kingdom and the National Geographic Magazine, far out of reach of the average American. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of a lot of good people, a tiny corner of wild America has been preserved to some extent in the northern Rockies. It’s at risk now as politicians seek to carry off a land grab of our national public lands and to remove the protections of the ESA from grizzlies at the behest of a handful of their wealthy benefactors.
I hope that all of our grandchildren and their grandchildren will be able to enjoy wild tableaus like this one for centuries to come. It’s a heritage worth fighting for.

Thank you Dave Landreth, for sharing your photos and wisdom!

To watch the full video of Blondie and the Song Dog.

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