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New Mexico Mountain Lion Trapping Challenged in Court

NEW MEXICO — “Animal Protection of New Mexico, The Humane Society of the United States and concerned New Mexico citizens are challenging the new mountain lion trapping rule in state and federal court. Citizens involved in the litigation include longtime wolf enthusiasts and advocates, rescuers who run Search and Rescue missions, and a professional hunting and fishing guide.”

“Allowing people to scatter these barbaric devices across the state to maim and kill protected cougars, endangered species, companion dogs, and countless other animals is unacceptable. The New Mexico Game Commission completely ignored science and ethics when it approved this reckless and extreme policy of recreational cougar trapping,” Jessica Johnson, chief legislative officer for APNM, said. “We’re committed to using every legal and legislative tool possible to right that wrong.”

Even if not killed by being trapped, mountain lions often die when released due to injury from struggling when in the trap.  Mountain lions will struggle fiercely when trapped and tear flesh, ligaments, muscles and tendons.  Any injury to their paws greatly decreases their chance for survival because they lack the ability to catch and kill prey.  Mountain lion traps also put more domestic dogs at risk because larger traps have to be set in order to catch an adult mountain lion.  New Mexico has taken a huge step backward in wildlife management and public safety.

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Photo Bruce Tuten and The Mountain Lion Foundation

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