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Owl Dies in Trap in Minnesota

From Wildwoods


This incident was just reported to us by Wildwoods in Duluth, Minnesota, an owl caught and killed in a leghold trap. “A close up of the leg hold trap on the back two talons of the right foot. Trapping kills and maims many animals–both intended and unintended victims, and causes unimaginable suffering.”

In Wyoming, birds of prey are often caught in leghold traps, some rescued. For those lucky enough to be rescued, there are countless others that we will never know about.

Thank you, for your constant care of our wild animals!


Warning–very sad pictures and story!

These pictures reveal part of the terrible, largely unseen world of trapping. Trapping causes great suffering in all of its victims–both intended and unintended ones.

A kind woman noticed this great horned owl (alive) on the floor of her barn after he caught one of her chickens. When she approached the owl, he flew up into the rafters.

When she went to check on him later, she found him hanging from a hole in the side of the barn where he had tried to escape. Only then did she at last see the leg hold trap locked on the two back talons of his right foot.

Here’s what we think–because of the trap on his foot, the owl was having difficulty hunting wild prey, and was starving. Because he was starving, he came into the barn to go after an easy meal of chickens. The trap caused the owl to get hung up in the hole of the barn when he tried to leave. And there he died, helpless, starving, and stuck.  cry emoticon

This woman is not a trapper and has no idea who set the trap, or where the owl found it. She didn’t notice the owl had a trap on his foot until it was too late to help him. She felt so sad for him that she didn’t begrudge him her chicken. She wanted us to use these pictures to share his sad story with the world; she was devastated by this.

So sad. The owl was caught by only two talons. He almost got away…

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  • Marcia Mueller

    I can’t even imagine what kind of people would set traps to torture and kill animals. They seem to be some strange or substandard specimens that do not understand empathy and are unable or unwilling to think of themselves in the same position of pain and desperation.

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