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Pinnacle Peak Wolves, For Now, Leave Cows Alone

WYOMING – Jackson

Finally, a first alternative method, turbofladry, to protect livestock is in action in Jackson, Wy. The wolves have left the area for now. Although three weeks late, it’s good news that Wildlife Services, the USFWS and the Walton Ranch have agreed to give this method a trial run in the area. It’s worth a try.
The number of wolves controlled before this point is unknown.

“The fencing, called turbofladry, is intended to ward off wolves that have caused Spring Gulch ranchers to lose sleep for months. And for Strong to be stringing up the equipment alongside U.S. Department of Agriculture-Wildlife Services personnel marked one of the rare occasions where non-lethal techniques have been used to try to prevent wolf depredations in Wyoming, at least in recent years.”

“I hope we can keep as many wolves as we can alive and as many cows as we can alive,” said Strong, a Natural Resources Defense Council wildlife advocate who works out of Bozeman, Montana.

“Studies have shown it works,” he said, “and from what I’ve seen and experienced the last couple years, I just think it’s at the very least worth trying.”

Pinnacle Peak wolves, for now, leave cows alone
Electric fences go up and — coincidence or not — pack flees private lands.
By Mike Koshmrl

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Thank you Zack Strong and National NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

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