Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Furbearer Trapping Season Opens Oct 1, 2016 in Wyoming

It’s with heavy hearts that we remind people that the 2016-2017 furbearer trapping season for mink, muskrat, weasel, marten and beaver begins today. How many of our Wyoming wildlife will have to suffer and be subjected to languishing in traps and snares over the next seven months? How will wildlife populations be affected by the mostly unregulated trapping season? How many more traps will be set out on public lands and put people and their pets at risk?

Be extra vigilant for traps set out on public lands and keep your dogs extra close the next few months as trapping season gets underway. Don’t forget that animals designated as predators like coyotes and foxes can be trapped year-round and traps and snares can be found on public lands at any time.

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