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State Trapping Report Card – WYOMING Rates D+

State Trapping Report Card – WYOMING rates a D+

Born Free USA’s unprecedented State Trapping Report Card gives an academic letter grade to each state based on its animal trapping regulations that have the greatest impact on animal welfare, wildlife conservation and public safety. Born Free rewards states that:

Prohibit body-crushing traps and snares for recreation or commerce in fur.

Require trapper education to ensure trappers are aware of and understand regulations.

Require trappers to report the number of animals they kill.
Mandate that all traps identify their users, to aid in enforcement of regulations.

Maintain records on the number of non-target animals captured or killed in traps.

Have a minimal required trap check time of 24 hours to lessen suffering of trapped animals and increase chances that non-target animals — including dogs and cats — might be rescued.

Grades also include positive marks for prohibiting the trapping of bobcats and otters, two species native to most states but vulnerable to overexploitation.

To view the Trapping Report Card:

Fox kit lost leg to leghold trap - Wild Heart Ranch May 17, 2014


Cover Photo: L. Robertson

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