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Three Bobcats Poached in Wyoming

Three bobcats were killed illegally in Douglas, WY during a coyote killing contest December 3-4, 2016.
One hunter stated “he shot all three bobcats during the daylight hours of the tournament. (He) was using an electronic predator call when a female bobcat came into the call and he shot it in the face…..(He) then stated he was calling again when he noticed a couple of deer looking at something and he shot what turned out to be the second bobcat. (He) stated when he walked up to the bobcat he saw the third bobcat, a tom, and shot it as well….”
Five hunters/poachers were cited with unlawful possession of bobcats, taking a bobcat without a furbearer license, taking a mule deer without a license, and attempting to take a mule deer from a vehicle. Thanks to a detailed investigation by Torrington Game Warden Rob Hipp, the poachers were cited, fined, and received various license suspensions.
Bobcats are hunted without quotas during the winter furbearer harvest season, but traps are indiscriminate and bobcats are incidentally trapped throughout the year. We believe trapping quotas are imperative, with increased accountability from trappers.
The 2016 -2017 bobcat trapping harvest numbers will not be available to the public by WGFD until late June or July of this year.
*** 2015 – 2016 Total Wyoming bobcats tagged – 1,164.
This number does not include poached bobcats, only legally harvested bobcats which are tagged for pelt sales.


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