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Wolf Hunt Starts Slow


Wyoming is once again managing our wolves to minimum numbers. With tourism the #2 industry in the state, why aren’t we “managing” our wildlife to reflect the current nationwide cultural values?  We believe that all people should have access to shared resources which are held in trust for the public.

Are we going to continue to allow unlimited numbers of traps on our public lands and public trails that endanger the public, pets, and ALL wildlife throughout the state, or are we going to reform our current policies to co-exist with our wild neighbors, to work with non-lethal approaches for wildlife control?

When are we going to move our wildlife management into the modern century!

Several days into the first legal Wyoming wolf hunt in 2 1/2 years, it appears the carnivores have so far duped anyone who has taken the initiative to give pursuit.
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department gained control of the state’s wolf population Tuesday and by midday Friday had not yet received a single report of a hunter-killed wolf. Crummy weather this week across much of the northwestern part of the state, where Canis lupus roams, may have played a role in lack of initial hunter success, Non-Typical Outfitters owner Robb Wiley speculated.
“Looking at the weather, it’d be impossible,” Wiley said. “You can’t even see.”

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Jackson Hole News and Guide, Mike Koshmrl

Photo: Mike Cavaroc,

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