Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Town Comes Together to Find Non-trapping Solution

A town in Connecticut has determined that they will use alternative, non-lethal, solutions to trapping beavers who are a risk to neighborhood flooding.  The Roosevelt Forest Commission, serving the town of Stratford, Connecticut, is also calling for a banning of all trapping of beavers in the Roosevelt Forest.

“Right now, trapping will not happen in Roosevelt Forest,” David said.  “In all essence, the ban is in effect right now.”

“The [action] comes on the heels of criticism from residents and animal lovers who disliked a Forest Commission’s vote last month to place traps near Pumpkin Ground Brook. Beavers in that area had built a dam that was causing flooding that worried residents living near Barrister Road.”

“The commission also approved a resolution to work with the Town Purchasing Department and Public Safety Director Larry Ciccarelli on finding bidders to install a piping system that will maintain proper water levels so the beavers can stay and the flooding danger is reduced.”

We say hats off to this town and its citizens for looking for more humane, long-term solutions to a common problem.  Communities around Wyoming should take note of the problem-solving initiatives taken by the town and Forest Commission of Stratford, CT and look to follow suit.

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Photo courtesy of Tom Mangelsen.

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  • B. McKeown

    What a disaster. Human beings trapping animals are inhuman and deranged and despicable.

    Legislators — It has got to stop immediately!!

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