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Trap reform makes an early appearance on Commission agenda


Local trapping reform advocacy group WY TRAP FREE-mont, along with statewide group Wyoming Untrapped, petitioned the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Commission earlier this year to amend Chapter 4, Furbearing Animal Trapping Regulations. Trapping regulations are reviewed every three years and were not scheduled for review until 2022, according to WGFD.

The call for early review and reform follows an uptick in reported public land-use conflicts including the death of WY Trap Free-mont’s founder Karen Zoller’s dog in a power snare this past winter.

The petitions were able to get trap reform on the Commission’s April meeting agenda where Wyoming residents on both sides of the conversation could share their thoughts. The discussion from the meeting is #23 in the minutes and can be read here: April 2020 Commission Minutes

Following the discussion, Commission decided more information was needed from stakeholders across Wyoming and “directed the Department to explore educational opportunities for trappers and the public, contact other parties such as landowners, weed and pest control, recreationists, pet owners and research possible set-back policies, limitations on equipment, signage, authority on public and BLM land.”

Tasked with gathering more information was Wildlife Division Chief Rick King and Lander Region Supervisor Jason Hunter. They will be presenting their findings to the Commission Friday, July 17th starting at 10:50 am, according to the agenda. You can watch the meeting live via Zoom. Pre-register by clicking here. The presentation is shared on the July 2020 Commission Noteboook and can be found by clicking here.

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