Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Trapped By His Own Snares


What happens in the night that we don’t know about? A trail camera captures the answers.
On May 12, 2018, Wyoming Wildlife Magazine published a two-page report of an investigated trapping incident with multiple dead animals caught in snares. The incident occurred in the year 2013.

“The report of one live deer caught in a fence resulted in 13 more deer and a golden eagle being discovered in snares – but all dead. It appeared the snares were not being checked the required once a week. A trail camera was set up. More than two weeks later, the trapper was recorded and an investigation ensued. He ended up pleading no contest to nine counts of trapping violations.”

Illegal trapping incidents occur every year in Wyoming. And we believe thousands of non-target animals are injured and killed each year.

Please, report any suspected illegal traps by calling WGFD.
Also call Wyoming Untrapped. We need to know!

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