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Two Dogs Caught by a Toothed Bear Trap Were Shot While Still In the Trap

TAOS, NEW MEXICO – Two dogs caught by a toothed bear trap were shot while still in the trap. Unfortunately one dog, Chi Chi, succumbed to her injuries as the bullet was lodged in her brain. The other dog, Speckles, came home with shattered nerves and a deep gash on her head. “She chewed all her front teeth down to the nubs. All have been sutured and will heal, but she’ll eat soft food from now on.”

“This incident had an effect on everyone who came in contact with the dogs. The vets were deeply affected. The cruelty was impossible to comprehend. Speckles is rehabbing at home and should recover from her physical trauma.”

The people who trap have little to no compassion for animals as this story illustrates. Traps are completely indiscriminate in what they catch and cause pain and suffering to all animals. We are deeply saddened by this family’s loss from what was a preventable tragedy.

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Photo: Courtesy Trish Hernandez

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