Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Where the Wild Things Are

Beth Pratt-Bergstrom is the California Director of the National Wildlife Federation and the author of the new book, When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors: Wildlife in Today’s California.

When the number-one threat to wildlife worldwide is loss of habitat, we can no longer think of our cities or towns or neighborhoods, or even our backyards, as exempt from the natural world – or as off-limits to wildlife. Our shared spaces are as essential to conservation as our traditionally protected lands.

Adopting an expanded view of the national park ethic in our urban spaces would exponentially increase our ability to protect wildlife and biodiversity around the world.

I, for one, believe cities and nature can mix and need to mix for wildlife to have a future. We need to foster a daily relationship with our wild, nonhuman kin. It’s not about habituating wildlife to us, but about habituating ourselves to the wild world.

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