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Richardson Residents Considering New Approach To Bobcat Problem

Homeowners in Richardson’s Canyon Creek neighborhood are still dealing with regular bobcat presence, and they’re ready to sit down at try a new approach.

A meeting next week will gather residents together and discuss ways of preventing bobcats from continuing to attack small dogs.

A Pomeranian was attacked last Friday by a bobcat when it was let outside without being leashed.

“That man told another neighbor to stay inside because he was going to be out hunting the bobcat with his handgun,” says Bonnie Bradshaw, president of 911 Wildlife. “Hunting in a residential area with a gun is much more dangerous than any bobcat.”

Bradshaw says that made her realize people needed to be informed of better ways to deal with the cats. She and Canyon Creek homeowners arranged the meeting, and Bradshaw herself will be the main presenter.

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Photo by CBS NEWS.

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