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Trapping reform is a key part of Wyoming Untrapped’s mission. However, improving the current state of wildlife management in Wyoming is a challenge due to the resistance by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Commission. As an advocate for significant trapping reform, help us move our mission forward, but remember that there are many other ways that you can help!

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  • Increasing Traps on Wyoming Trails

    Wyoming furbearer trapping licenses have increased significantly from last year, 2,560 to 3,928,,,,and each year since 2007. THIS INDICATES THAT MORE TRAPS ARE ON TRAILS AND THROUGHOUT OUR PUBLIC LANDS. Which means there is immediate need for separation of hiking…

  • Changes of Course, Ways Forward

    Unfortunately, Wyoming Untrapped found out this week that the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has changed course on its draft regulation for trapping trail setbacks in Teton County. Even though their statement of intent included mention of setbacks on trails…

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