Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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Dog Caught in Leghold Trap in Twin Creek Area of Fremont County, WY

“My dog was caught in a foothold trap that was about 5-10 feet off the road while we were walking in the Twin Creek area. I do not believe that the trap was marked”. 1.4.2020

Reports of dog trapping incidents in Fremont County and other areas continue to be posted on our incident database, Thank you to those who are reaching out with these locations to help protect others.

Please share these locations with friends, and please report any trapping incidents that you know about, domestic or wild animals. It is crucial to notify Wyoming Untrapped immediately of these incidents, as well as WGFD. And it is imperative that an investigation begins as soon as possible before the traps are removed by the trapper. In many cases, the traps are illegal, either without ID tags, baited illegally, or not checked within the legal trap-check time – 72 hours for leghold traps.


Wildlife violations: If you see a violation, call our Stop Poaching Hotline at 1-877-WGFD-TIP (1-877-943-3847). You can call to report violations day or night and on holidays. You can report violations by texting “WGFD” to TIP411 (847-411) or through the Game and Fish website. You can also call your local game warden.

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