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Dog, caught in snare, Black Mountain Road south of Thermopolis, WY

1100 Black Mountain south of Thermopolis, WY

On 1/15/21, a game warden responded to a report that a dog had been caught in a snare within the highway right of wy. There he found a total of 3 snares was set and the other two were closed. One of the snares that was closed appeared to be that which the dog had been caught. The other closed snare appeared to have been inactive for a long period of time as it was rusted up. The snare that was et was attached to the barbed wire on the gate. This snare has a trap tag the name XXXX. The other two snares were attached to the brace posts. Neither of these snares had identification tags attached. Approximately 10 feet in the field from the gate was a head and hide of a domestic sheep, The warden attempted to contact at his residence but he was not home. He left a message on his phone asking the trapper to call him. XXXX returned his call and the warden met him at his residence later that afternoon.

In the contact, XXXX confirmed the snare at the gate was his. When the warden questioned him about three trapping violations he saw, the trapper stated that he normally attaches id tags to all the snares he uses and did not know why the snares did not have tags unless the tag was torn off when the dog was caught. He admitted he did not attach the one snare to a solid object. He stated that the head and hide of the sheep was from one of several sheep he had butchered approximately a month previous.  He said the thought the dogs must have drug it out of his “bone pit”. He stated he had not placed the head and hide at the location but he said he saw it layin near the snares and did not remove it. XXXX stated he was having problems with his neighbor’s dog coming onto his property and chasing his sheep. He stated the snares were set for coyotes and foxes and not dogs.

The warden issued a warning for setting a snare within 30 ft of an exposed bait, a warning for failure to tag snares with an identification tag and a warning for failing to attach snare to a fixed anchor.

To read the full Law Enforcement Incident Report

***Please please be aware that these horrific snares and traps litter our landscapes.  Visit for ways you can get informed, get involved and advocate for change. Trapping reform advocate numbers are growing on a fast track, and we need YOU to join this movement for a future where inhumane trapping is unimaginable.

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Provide as much as possible of the following information so that your report will be as effective as possible. Include species of animal, type of trapping device, name of dog (if applicable), any injuries incurred by animals or humans involved, medical expenses, and as much additional detail as possible. Also, photos are very helpful but not required. We encourage you to include multiple photos and videos of trap, trap set area, bait, wild animal, dog, injury, and a picture of your dog without the trap to add a face to your story.

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