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Dog Trapping Incident | Mika | Pinedale, Wyoming | June 2013

Trap Incident Investigation Report
Date Occurred: Summer 2013
Location: Fremont Lake, Pinedale, WY
Victim Species: Domestic Dog – German Shepard mix
Victim Names: Mika
Owner Name: Dan and Mary C. Abernathy
Victim Outcome: Not seriously injured
Trap Type: Leghold
Trap Legality: Legal
Legal Outcome:  None

Story:  couple years ago, east side of Fremont lake,,,,Lakeside Lodge, turn off highway, road forks again, forks to left to south end of lake towards lodge, or campground, first access on left to get down to lake.  go all the time.  good walk, dive into the lake.  well used.  not a camping area, lots of kids for partying.  little beach well used area.  walking up the lake shore, not far from car parking, 50-75 yards, german shephard, Mika, well behaved, never gets out of sight, off leash all the time, never chases.  Near big boulders, heard her yelp, trap set for a bobcat, rabbit hanging in tree, leg-hold trap, caught her toes in it.  Able to get it off.  bobcat set, Dan Abernathy tried trapping as a kid.   does not condone it anymore!  Extremely brutal.  He pulled the trap, it was tagged, took it in to G&F, and told them it was legal.  nothing illegal.  not a good thing, but legal.  within the law.  G&F gave it back to trapper and asked him to stay out of that area.
Dan Abernathy, as a young trapper, taught by his father.  beaver would drown.  living in a fantasy of a mountain man!

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