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Dog Killed in Conibear Trap in Canada

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA — Another sad story out of Canada where a poodle-Yorkie mix named Cooper was caught by a Conibear trap and killed.

The owner, Lynda Fortin, was completely helpless and watched as her dog died in her arms. “She tried frantically to pry it apart, she said, and used her legs for leverage until her “knees were black and blue. It was total complete disbelief and shock,” she said. “I started to scream, hoping that someone would help. Just scream, scream and I cried and I begged God to please help give me strength to release him from this thing he’s in.”

In a follow up story, the animal advocacy group, Animal Justice, is calling for the ban of traps in order to prevent more incidents like this in the future.

“Camille Labchuk, Executive Director for Animal Justice, thinks the traps are inhumane.”

“All these traps are designed to do one thing — restrain or kill an animal, and you can’t do that in a nice way.”

Know what to do in case you are ever in this situation.
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Full story here.

Follow up story here.

Photo: Lynda Fortin

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