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Puppy Loses Leg to Trap

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA — A puppy, named Fleece by rescuers, had to have its leg amputated after being caught by a snare. Fleece was found with his leg badly mangled after somehow getting out of the trap. Thankfully he was rescued and is living with a foster family until he is fit for adoption in January.

The list of animals caught and injured and killed by traps this year is quickly growing.  Dogs being caught and killed by traps is a completely avoidable tragedy.  The posting of signs and trap-free areas where dog owners can recreate with their pets would go a long way to prevent incidents like this one from occurring.  In Wyoming, trappers can place traps on public lands with no restrictions on distance they can be set from trails or popular public areas.  No signage is required to alert pet owners of the danger that traps and snares present.

Full story here.

Video on Fleece here.

Photo by The Winnipeg Humane Society/The Canadian Press

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