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Fur Market is Bottom of the Barrel 2015-2016


“That’s right – low, low fur prices. Bottom of the barrel. In most cases, fur will sell for far less than what you’ll spend to trap it. For most people who trap as a lifestyle, hobby, for wildlife population management, or other non-monetary reasons, that may not be a big deal. The folks who trap for income will hurt this year.”

“Coyote is mainly used for trim, and this market is not affected as much by Russia and China, so coyote prices should remain decent. As with coyote, bobcat and fisher (especially female fisher) prices shouldn’t decline too much from last year’s levels, and may even hold steady to last year. “

“Marten is a specialty item and should hold value as well.”

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Photo Credit: MariaElena Canetta, Grand Teton National Park

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