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Mayor Tim Keller Signs Bill Condemning Coyote-Killing Contests


ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Mayor Tim Keller signed a bill condemning animal abuse in the form of coyote-killing contests within the city of Albuquerque and its immediate vicinity. The resolution was sponsored by City Councilor Diane Gibson and passed the City Council unanimously. The resolution, R-18-5, also calls upon the New Mexico State Legislature to introduce and pass legislation prohibiting coyote-killing contests throughout the State.

“We are taking a stand in Albuquerque to oppose gratuitous coyote-killing contests,” stated Mayor Keller. “Cherishing the outdoors and treating animals humanely are core values of our city. Coyote-killing contests defy the principles of conservation and wildlife management that will allow us to continue enjoying our mountains, rivers and wildlife for generations to come.”

The resolution opposes future coyote-killing events organized, sponsored, arranged or held within the City of Albuquerque or its immediate vicinity, saying the contests are not representative of the killing of desert wildlife in a manner that is humane, respectful and safe. Such contests are typically promoted as entertainment and feature cash or other prizes based on the number of coyotes killed.

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