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New Report Reveals U.S. Lags Behind Other Countries in Restricting Use of Cruel Traps

BREAKING NEWS — New Research shows that the U.S. is lagging far behind the rest of the world in restricting the use of traps. “According to research released today by the Library of Congress, more than 100 countries prohibit or impose stringent limits on the use of these and other body-gripping traps. Most ban their use outright. Many also prohibit the import, sale, and/or possession of such traps.”

“The researchers have provided Congress with authoritative documentation to substantiate the compelling need for trapping legislation, such as the Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act and the Public Safety and Wildlife Protection Act. This need is ever more apparent as the United States becomes increasingly associated with a dwindling number of countries that sanction the horrific animal suffering caused by these barbaric traps.”

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