Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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  • Regulate trapping

    "Reporting is key to data; data is key to management; and management is key to the future of Wyoming’s wildlife. Management all the way around is lacking in the “sport” of trapping. Isn’t it time the Wyoming Game and Fish Department leveled the playing field?"
  • How the ex-trapper thinks these days

    Wolf fur isn't even prime until well into November and a lot of wolf pups will only weigh about 50 pounds and be living in rendezvous sites yet with their parents - mostly lacking any experience to hunt for themselves.
  • Wild Red Fox, Adaptability Is Its Essence

    A wild Wyoming fox has been a focus for photographers during the late winter season. With great spirit and capability, he demonstrates the art of survival. Using only three legs, he navigates the last months of Wyoming's winter. Adaptability. That, in essence, is the fox's gift.