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September 2022

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  • Trap Release Workshops 2022

    Trap Release Workshops are back, offered in three Wyoming towns starting 9/29/22. What you learn may save your pet's life. This year's workshops will be held in Laramie, Pinedale, and Jackson. This event was made possible by our wonderful sponsors, Friends of Bridger-Teton and PAWS of Jackson Hole, and through the generosity of our supporters, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Wyoming Coalition for Animal Protection (WYCAP), Happy Endings Animal Rescue (H.E.A.R),  and caring individual donors nationwide. We are grateful for every single one of you. Click on the image to learn more, and plan to attend one of these informative workshops.
  • GIVEAWAY – UNtrapped Pack

    As a thank you to our supporters, On September 14th-16th, we will give away one of our Untrapped packs so that you and yours can feel confident when recreating on public lands. The UNtrapped pack has all the tools you need to ensure that you are prepared for any trap-related injuries or incidents while recreating with your family and pets. Don't miss your chance to win one of these life-saving packs!
  • Beavers Are Finally Getting the Rebrand They Deserve

    In recent years there’s been a growing body of peer-reviewed evidence hyping the utility of beavers. “They improve water quality, they create salmon habitat, they store water in the case of a drought, and they help mitigate flooding after really intensive rainfall,” Goldfarb says. That science is finally trickling down to policymakers and journalists. Beavers, you might say, are having a moment. Our work with beavers and coexistence at WU highlights this species' impact on the landscape and speaks to the importance of focusing on how we can coexist with these ecosystem engineers.

    On September 7-9, we will give away a Wyoming Untrapped SWAG bag. Enter to win a chance to grab your own WU swag and represent the work we do to keep wildlife safe. Wear our swag to celebrate the Old Bill's Fun Run, and wear it to support our mission of promoting trapping reform through education and advocacy for Wyoming’s people, pets and wildlife. Don't miss your chance to win this pack of gear, and celebrate WU all year!