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  • Animal Traps That Grip or Snare are Banned in L.A. as “Inhumane”

    "The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to ban traps that snare or grip coyotes, bears, foxes and other animals in the city, deeming such traps inhumane. Under the new rules, commercial trappers cannot use traps that grip or snare any part of the animal, with the exception of traps set for rats, mice and other small rodents. Angelenos are banned from using any trap “that maims or causes the inhumane death or suffering of any animal,” the rules state." Photo:(Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times / January 5, 2011)
  • Dog Trapped on Public Road

    Wyoming Untrapped is dedicated to reform of these antiquated trapping regulations. Jackson Hole News and Guide, 3/12/14 Trapped In December I spent a month exploring Anazasi ruins around Bluff, Utah.
  • Pet Trap Release Workshop

    The Humane Society of the United States Director of Wildlife Innovations and Response Dave Pauli will show you how to free your pet from the wide range of traps increasingly found along many hiking trails.