Trapping Reform in Wyoming

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  • Awkward Haul

    "I believe beavers are integral to this ecosystem, building and maintaining critical habitat for a host of native species. For what they provide they deserve our admiration and empathy."
  • Combat the Silence

    "My mission is to create justice to the predators in Wyoming and our country. Currently, there is no wrong-doing when a number of predators are killed including the coyote. My goal is to bring this sad topic into the public eye so we can make a change to predator laws."
  • Wild Red Fox, Adaptability Is Its Essence

    A wild Wyoming fox has been a focus for photographers during the late winter season. With great spirit and capability, he demonstrates the art of survival. Using only three legs, he navigates the last months of Wyoming's winter. Adaptability. That, in essence, is the fox's gift.